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A Light Has Gone Out

Alan Scott died peacefully on 2021-12-16, with family, friends and colleagues at his bedside and on Internet. "Don't mourn me", he asked, "I've had close to 90 years of a good life". His life was indeed good for everyone who was part of it. Alan was bold, brilliant and kind, always intending to do the most good and the least harm.

We cope with loss by internalizing something of what the world no longer provides. Alan was my colleague, ally and friend for 40 years, lastly working at the independent lab we built. I've now to close that lab and retire from research, and find myself regarding those changes with the amused pragmatism Alan might have.

Alan B Scott

Alan B Scott, MD

  • Director & Senior Scientist at The Strabismus Research Foundation (SRF), and Senior Scientist at Eidactics (2013-2021).

  • Senior Scientist at The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute (SKERI; 1959-2016).
Joel M Miller

Joel M Miller, PhD

  • Director & Senior Scientist at Eidactics, and Director of Research at The Strabismus Research Foundation (SRF).

  • Senior Scientist at The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute (SKERI; 1982-2013).

Collaborators & Alumni


Paul D Gamlin, PhD

Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Combining Paul's motor neuron findings (Gamlin, etal, 1989 with our MFT techniques Miller, etal, 2002 we're addressing motor control issues raised by modern extraocular biomechanics, and the long-overlooked issue of motor unit diversity.

Angel M Pastor, PhD

Professor & Chair of Physiology at the University of Sevilla, Spain.

Angel uses MFTs to study extraocular motor unit recruitment in cats.
Wu Zhou, PhD

Asst Prof & Director of the Vestibular Research Lab at the Univ of Mississippi Medical Center.

Wu uses MFTs to measure vestibular signals sent to individual eye muscles.
Iara Debert
Iara Debert, MD, PhD

Former Research Fellow at Eidactics.
Former Clinical Fellow at SRF.
Attending Opthalmologist at Hospital das Clinicas, Univ of São Paulo (2012 - present).

  • Renuka Rajagopal, MD
  • Likun Ai, MD, PhD
  • Danielle E Alexander, BS
  • Christopher J Bockisch, PhD
  • Orazio Gallo, MS
  • Scott Konishi, PhD
  • Hien N Nguyen
  • Konstantin Palamarchuk
  • Dmitri S Pavlovski, PhD
  • Michael Ring, MS
  • Ethan A Rossi, PhD
  • Vanitha Sankaranarayanan, MS
  • Eric K Schmidt, DDS
  • Irina Shamaeva, MS
  • Kevin R Shieh, BS
  • Dirk Strasser, MS
  • Martin Wiesmair, DI(FH)